American black duck drake American Black Duck

Anas rubripes

The Black Duck is mainly seen in Eastern North America. Body structure, its size and flight features strongly resemble the Mallard.

The Black Duck is brown with a lighter head. Hen and the drake seem much the same except for their bills which are olive green. Both sexes have a white under wing and a dark blue wing spot visible in flight.

American Wigeon

Anas americana

The American drake has a eyebrow with a stripe that is green. The physique, torso, right back and sides are light brownish that is coloured while the abdominal cavity is mild and the rump is not white. Powerful make that is white places on the Drake which can be observable in while the bird is soaring. The feminine is generally brown and has make areas which can be less bright then the drake. Both sexes have expenses that fairly pointed tails and are stubby.

alt Blue-winged Teal

Anas discors

Blue-winged Teal are among the smaller of the ducks. It has a really notable white crest between eye and the bill, a brown patched chest and flanks, a light blue shoulders and a rear end that is black. The hen has mottled brownish body, a dark eye line and duller light blue shoulder patch. On account of the light blue shoulder patches, Blue-winged Teal is often mistaken with the bigger Northern Shoveler.

alt Cinnamon Teal

Anas cyanoptera

Cinnamon Teal are a types that is western. The drake is red brownish total. Both drake and hen get a light blue shoulder patch to the top side of the side. The Cinnamon Teal chicken may readily be mistaken with all the Blue- winged rooster. Nutmeg Teal birds are hotter somewhat bigger, brownish and more heavy -charged than Blue- winged birds.

alt alt Gadwall
Anas strepera
The drake is mostly grey with a dark rump and a brownish head. Both the chicken that is brown and also the drake have distinguishing dark outlined white side spots, which may be observed in trip and sometimes at rest.

alt Green-winged Teal

Anas crecca

Green-winged Teal are the tiniest of the ducks that are dabbling - regarding how big is a pigeon. The drake has a brown head having a dark green spot. A white vertical group divides and sides and the chest. The rooster is mottled brownish. Both genders have side sections that are green.

alt Mallard

Anas platyrhynchos

The Mallard is the many abundant duck species in The United States as well as the greatest of the ducks. The drake has throat and an unique iridescent green head, a a neck band that is white and a chest that is brownish. The drake's human body is grey and the rump is not white with a tail that is white. The rooster has a mottled brownish body with the dark and orange expenses. Both drake and the hen have side spots outlined with white rings.

Mottled Duck

Anas fulvigula

The Duck may be mistaken for the rooster Mallard as well as the Black Duck. The Duck is not heavier than its own blue side spots and the American Black Duck are rimmed with dark rather than white as to the chicken Mallard. The Duck is a species seen in Florida, all over the Ocean coastline and the whole Gulf Coast.

Northern Pintail

Anas acuta

With brownish head with white throat lines, its extended dark pointed end and slim physique that is grey, the North drake is among the many beautiful geese of The United States. They can be smaller although their extended throat makes them seem bigger than a Mallard. Inflight drakes have metal that is iridescent green side areas outlined with rings that are mild. Birds have a side spot outlined with rings that are mild.

Northern Shoveler

Anas clypeata

The rooster is light and powerful brown with make areas that are gray-ish. Inflight Northern Shovelers may be mistaken with Blue-winged Teal due to related light blue shoulder patches, yet Shovelers are bigger in dimension.


Wood Duck

Aix sponsa

With its stunning green crested mind, white bridle, fruit-red expenses and vision, the Wood Duck is a bird that is magnificent. It's a a dark again, yellow flanks along with a white flecked saying chest. The rooster has a white patch across the vision, bottom that is whitened, brownish back and sides grey and mottled with tan. Both genders have metal side spots that are blue.

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